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All knives are meticulously sharpened by hand on a variety of ceramic and diamond waterstones. Grits range from 140 to over 10,000, to achieve the perfect edge for each individual knife. I specialize in Japanese knife sharpening, but have over a decade of experience sharpening knives of all shapes and styles. I have the equipment and knowledge to handle nearly any repair, including knife rehandling. Sharpening is not a "while you wait" service. Knives dropped off before 10 am may be ready for pick up later that day, depending on work load. You will be sent text or email notification as soon as your knives are ready. Payment is due upon drop off. 

Mail - order sharpening is also available to all out of town customers.  



Knives Under 6"                                                     $10  

Knives Over 6"                                                        $15

Fixed/Folding Knives                                             $15

Razors                                                                     $25

Traditional Single Bevel Knives                   from $45

Axe/Hatchet                                                            $25

Broken Tip Repair                                                   $5

Chipped/Pitted Knife Repair                                  $5

Blade Thinning/ Resurfacing                              $35-50

Knife Rehandle Japanese Style                   from $100

Knife Rehandle Western Style                     from $150


*Commercial and belt sharpening available upon request please contact for details. I reserve the right to refuse service to any knife.

Knife Sharpening Pricing
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Premium honed stylist, barber, or grooming shears                  $35

(most Japanese style convex shears)

Standard non-honed stylist, barber, or grooming shears          $15

(most German style beveled shears)

Sewing and Fabric Shears                                                             $10

Household and Utility Shears                                                        $10


I offer the finest shear sharpening service for stylists, barbers, and groomers, specializing in convex shears. Shears are precision sharpened and honed to a razor's edge. All scissors and shears are inspected, cleaned, lubricated, adjusted, and tested. Basic washers and silencers are replaced as needed at no additional charge. There is an additional charge for repairing another service provider's substandard work based on the level of effort required.

Shear Sharpening Pricing


Now offering one - on - one knife sharpening lessons tailored to the skill level of each student. I recommend students bring their own knife for sharpening class. However if you are not comfortable sharpening your own knife, one can be provided for you. We will use a variety of stones which I personally use for sharpening services. You will achieve an understanding of when and how to use the different grits of stones.   Being able to maintain your own knives on a regular basis is the key to satisfaction with your tool's performance. 

2 Hour lesson

$200 - lesson only

$300 - lesson plus knife, stone, and holder


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