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35 Micron Ceramic Stone (400 grit range)

-A great touch up tool for stainless steel knives.  This stone works great for removing minor edge damage and re-establishing proper edge geometry. Our 35 micron sharpening stone is resilient and still has bite and feel. A must have stone for any sharpening set up. 


Splash water and sharpen away.


All stones have the same dimensions of:

210 mm x 75 mm x 10 mm


These stones are forged of non-porous ceramics and are a great balance of finish and speed of cut. Feels smooth with a subtle bite.


  • Micron size accurate
  • Color coded
  • Reinforced with anodized aluminum Universal Backing Plate 
  • Machined cylinders to fit securely onto Stone Stage

The Stone Stage holder makes use of two staging posts that firmly secure the stone to the stage for unmoving rigidity. The posts easily release the stone for quick change.

The only stones you'll need. 


NanoHone Splash and Go Ceramic Whetstone 35 Micron

SKU: NS-400
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